What to expect : Healthy Home Assessment


Congratulations on making the first step to creating a healthy home! There are a few things I will need from you:

Once the appointment has been confirmed, please complete the brief questionnaire below. This helps me get the information I need to complete the audit.

You will need to make a deposit of $200 to confirm your appointment. In addition, if any testing is required, the cost of this must be paid prior to the assessment – this can be discussed with Nicole.

Nicole Beringer

BSB: 063-594

A/C: 1040 5247 Use your surname as a reference


When I arrive we will go through the questionnaire as well as additional information together, after which I will:

  • Complete a visual inspection of the exterior and interior of the property.

  • Take some readings of areas of interest/need using tools and instruments depending on your need or areas I observe to be of interest

  • I will make some recommendations to you on site.

  • I will also discuss with you the benefits and limitations of any recommended laboratory testing or referral to a more specialised area - eg RF shielding, mould remediation.

I will then leave and compile a report if requested, including a detailed description of what I found and the latest evidence based research to back up my recommendations.

A report will take between 1-2 weeks to collate as will some of the results from any testing done. This will also be included in the report/ summary report.

An invoice with balance of payment will then be forwarded for you to complete in order for test results and/or report to be released. Once this is completed I will contact you via email or phone to go through the report and/or test results.

Please note that there is no profit made from testing. The costs include the laboratory costs and postage only.

A breakdown of my fee structure is as follows:

building biology Assessment

Single storey/apartment : $590

Double storey: $690

This is my call out fee and includes measurements, assessment and recommendations. A detailed analysis can be requested in the form of a written report and is additional. Lab testing for mould and toxins is additional.

Written Report: $300 (additional)

Ideal for insurance claims, reference for medical practitioners, breaking leases, comprehensive analysis of your home, and is highly recommended when testing for mould.

Testing (additional)

  • EMF consultation (at the same time as healthy home assessment): $295 full analysis including Radio-frequencies, 5G, AC Magnetic Fields, Dirty Electricity.

  • Lead (paint/dust): $80 single test, $50 each additional sample

  • VOC Air Test (Prism): $140 per test

  • Mould Air Test: $120 per sample (minimum requirement - 5 samples)

  • ERMI (vacuum) mould dust test: $375 per test

  • Water testing: $70 first sample, $50 each additional sample

  • Follow up assessment: As per above, plus $150 per hour

  • Travel charges: $0.50 p/km from Hurstbridge

*complicated building may attract a higher fee & charges may change at any stage without notice

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