What to expect : Healthy Home Assessment


Congratulations on making the first step to creating a healthy home! There are a few things I will need from you:

Once the appointment has been confirmed, please complete the brief questionnaire below. This helps me get the information I need to complete the audit.

You will need to make a deposit of $200 to confirm your appointment. In addition, if any testing is required, the cost of this must be paid prior to the assessment – this can be discussed with Nicole.

Nicole Beringer

BSB: 063-594

A/C: 1040 5247 Use your surname as a reference


When I arrive we will go through the questionnaire as well as additional information together, after which I will:

  • Complete a visual inspection of the exterior and interior of the property.

  • Take some readings of areas of interest/need (ie high frequency meter and EMF gauss meter, moisture meter & hygrometer - depending on your need or areas I observe to be of interest)

  • I will make some recommendations to you on site.

  • I will also discuss with you the benefits and limitations of any recommended laboratory testing or referral to a more specialised area - eg RF shielding, mould remediation.

I will then leave and compile a report if requested, including a detailed description of what I found and the latest evidence based research to back up my recommendations.

A report will take between 1-2 weeks to collate as will some of the results from any testing done. This will also be included in the report/ summary report.

An invoice with balance of payment will then be forwarded for you to complete in order for test results and/or report to be released. Once this is completed I will contact you via email or phone to go through the report and/or test results.

Please note that there is no profit made from testing. The costs include the laboratory costs and postage only.

A breakdown of my fee structure is as follows:

building biology Assessment

Single storey/apartment : $390

Double storey: $490

This is my call out fee and includes measurements, assessment and recommendations. A detailed analysis can be requested in the form of a written report and is additional. Lab testing for mould and toxins is additional, and automatically will include the addition of the written report.

Written Report: $300 (additional)

Ideal for insurance claims, reference for medical practitioners, breaking leases, comprehensive analysis of your home, and automatically added as an essential when testing for mould.

Testing (additional)

  • Lead (paint/dust): $80 single test, $50 each additional sample

  • VOC Air Test (Prism): $140 per test

  • Mould Air Test: $120 per sample (minimum requirement - 5 samples)

  • ERMI (vacuum) mould dust test: $375 per test

  • Water testing: $70 first sample, $50 each additional sample

  • Follow up assessment: As per above, plus $150 per hour

  • Travel charges: $0.50 p/km from Hurstbridge

*complicated building may attract a higher fee & charges may change at any stage without notice

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Disclaimer In this disclaimer:- I means Nicole Beringer, trading as The Holistic Home, and "you" means you, the client. The purpose of this audit carried out by us is to assist you in ascertaining whether there are electromagnetic fields, mobile phone towers, chemicals and toxins, moulds and bacteria, allergens or impurities in the water supply which may affect you, other inhabitants, or visitors to the subject property. The scope of the audit was those areas of the property (subject to the limitation in paragraph 3) and those tests and sampling specifically sought or agreed by you to be carried out. No liability shall be accepted on account of the failure of the audit report to address any issues not sought by you or for any area at the subject property to which access for audit is denied or is unable to be easily accessed, and only records the observations and conclusions we have made based on your request. We will not accept responsibility for any test result relating to an area which the equipment could not access without the removal of any structure, fittings or fixtures. We will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense, whatsoever, suffered or incurred by any person other than you in connection with the use of the audit report by that person for any purpose or in any way, including the use of this audit report for any purpose connected with the sale, purchase, or renovation of the subject property, to the extent permissible by law. The only person to whom we may be liable and to whom losses arising in contract or tort sustained may be payable by us is you the client. Any third party relying on this audit report whether in whole or part does so at their own risk. This audit report is accurate at the time of the audit. The results of the tests and sampling undertaken represent the conditions prevailing at the time of sampling and are not necessarily representative of all the conditions to which the subject property is subjected, and as a result, may not accurately reflect the issues that may be applicable on some other day or time. Any recommendations in this audit report are our solutions or remedies of what may be done by you to alleviate matters of concern raised by the audit report based on our knowledge and experience at the time of preparing this report, and are not to be taken as being exhaustive of all possible solutions or remedies. Receipt of deposit for the assessment acknowledges your acceptance of these terms and conditions