What's The Holistic Home? - my inspiration story


If you had told me 30 years when I was in high school that I would be coaching and advising people on Feng Shui and Building Biology, I would have loudly guffawed in your face. Even 20 years ago. I was ‘pretty’ sure I wanted to be a musician or an artist, and even when that dream began to fade, I was passionate about being a teacher.

I was so heavily focussed on wanting to support and nurture children in an educational setting, I didn’t realise it at the time but what I have learnt retrospectively is I was meant to be a teacher so that I could be a better parent later in my life (more about that soon). It also made me realise my inner child needed some serious attention and healing.

What was funny was that I thought with all this knowledge and experience teaching other people’s children - I really did think I was going to be an expert at being a parent. Honestly.

What I experienced, when I stared down at this sacred little jewel nestled in my arms was complete and utter overwhelm - I’m assuming like most new parents do. I realised then that I was just like everyone else and I really knew jack-shit.

Along came my second beautiful gem and guess what - I was now delving into the negative jack-shits - meaning like my credit card balance in my twenties. When my son was 4 he was diagnosed with Autism (which I never picked even though I was a teacher) and then my daughter who was 7 was as well - but her diagnosis was Asperger’s.

We were always a healthy family and my daughter ate well, etc, etc, ……all the things. Nobody except my husband slept (he’s a musician so he can sleep anywhere, anytime). Life was a bit shit, to be honest and there was nothing it seemed I could do to feel good, except drive the kids to their appointments and pick up my boy when the Kinder called again

I knew there was a calling for me but also that I needed to do something for ME, not just for my family. I had been studying Feng Shui for a while by now and was finally qualified and obsessed - it is a little bit in my nature. Something still bothered me though and could not let go of it - an experience a bit like someone lightly tapping on your shoulder, again and again. Until I turned around. It was my reason for becoming a certified Building Biologist.

When Feng Shui was founded and up until the Industrial Revolution - there was NO ELECTRICITY, and NO PESTICIDES, and NO PLASTIC. There was nothing like the plethora of chemicals in food, water and air and furnishings……I could go on, but I won’t. You know the story.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t perfect back then either. I mean disease, coal, and they even drank from lead cups.

My point is, traditional Feng Shui doesn’t account for the use of:

  • Electricity and Wireless technologies

  • Chemicals

  • Drinking Water

  • Mould and Moisture, and

  • Air Quality

There’s no point placing your bed in one of your most favourable directions if there’s a Meter Box there! There’s no point having a water feature in a room where it’s going to create a dampness issue and mould!

It made clear sense to me that they HAD to be used TOGETHER.

I’m also a firm believer that you can still have a healthy home and prosperous Feng Shui. The type of Feng Shui I practice is not about trinkets and wind chimes. It is deeper and symbolic, and more related to the psychology of the home and its people.

When I started my business - The Holistic Home, I was nervous like any other person would be. Finding a name that expressed what it is that I do felt almost impossible. I had been seeing an amazing counsellor Marg Wood for many years who used Gestalt Therapy, Western Astrology, Naturopathy and Homeopathy - and it inspired me to use my skills in the same way for my clients.

Building Biology + Feng Shui + Chinese Astrology + Space Clearing + Geomancy

Now, what does this have to do with my kids? EVERYTHING.

Keeping up to date on the latest scientific literature on environmental health and autism has made me more aware than many on how our homes can affect the health both physically, psychologically and emotionally of ourselves and our kids. I balance our space elementally from a Feng Shui perspective and as a family we do our best.

Don’t get me wrong….I won’t quote the percentage, but sometimes I’m a shitty mum, a boring wife and a distant friend. I yell, I cry and I have been known to throw a pot to the floor. But….I also laugh, investigate, learn from my mistakes each day, cuddle my kids, listen to them, connect with my partner and appreciate this beautiful world we live in.

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Thanks for listening.

Nicole xxx

Nicole Beringer