Using Your 6 Senses

Part of what I do is to help people find a home that is not only healthy, but one that will create happiness and abundance as well. The usual scenario is that a client will call me at the very last minute - ready to sign their contract (or already has) and they just want to check that all the ‘levels’ are safe….no pressure!

I think that we often get so caught up in getting the best deal or value for money when we purchase a home, we more often than not forget there really is more to it than $$$.

Don’t get me wrong - value for money is important and most of us have been in this position, including myself. Just getting into buying your first home can be virtually impossible today. However, what I want to suggest to you - even if you’re renting, even if you’re planning to stay in the home you’re already in - is to open your mind to what I call using your 6 senses when looking at a home.



The most obvious, of course. In terms of health there are so many things to look out for. Can you see any potential sources of water damage, is there a mobile phone tower close by, where is the Smart Meter and Meter Box located, are you on a main road, is it located near industry? A lot of this you can do before you even go to look at a property thanks to Google!


Also, from a Feng Shui perspective, look at the shape of the floor plan. Is it cohesive and logical, is there some sense of practicality to it? What do you see when you look out the windows and open the doors? Is the greenery in the neighbours’ gardens thriving?


There are some interesting pointers many people miss which can often be due to timing of inspections! Investigate if the house is under a flight path - there’s nothing worse than realising this the first night you spend in your new home. If you are near a main road when do trucks drive past and brake, can you hear the traffic is there a nearby train station that may toot the horn at 5 am? Is the ambient (outdoor) noise at an OK level if you have the windows open or are sitting outside?


Sit outside and listen for wildlife. Can you hear any? Signs of birds and other wildlife indicate there is a life-force in the land and air in the area that will support us.


This is for BOTH indoors and outdoors. What can you smell when you enter the home? Synthetic chemicals from sprays and candles? It’s important to know that vendors often use air fresheners and fragrance to mask other smells like cigarettes, dampness, mould, fresh paint and other chemicals. A paint job before selling is generally a given, but not if its used to hide a long term mould problem!

Personally, air fresheners make me feel immediately sick so I know those phthalates and other hormone disrupters will be in that house for a lot longer than intended! Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Screenshot 2019-04-13 08.50.47.png

Outside, depending on the time of the year - observe what’s happening in the air. What can you smell? Traffic pollution or chemicals from neighbours? As much as I love living in a rural environment for its fresh air, the ambient wood smoke in Winter can wreak havoc on people with asthma - especially if they burn timber that is treated or not dried out properly.


These are tricky ones and potentially the least important because you can easily change or fix them. If you are already in your own home and aren’t particularly looking for a new one, it is especially relevant . It relates to layout, furniture and items in your current or potential home, as well as your drinking water.

Taste your drinking water - chances are if its fresh from the tap there are a number of chemicals, metals and pesticides in there your body was NOT designed for. Water filters are a non-negotiable for me, but that is for another blog.


Does your furniture serve its function? By this I mean is it usable, do you bump into the corner of the bench each time you walk past, or are there obstacles in your way? Are doors operating properly? Can you actually open the windows? Tap the glass to check if the windows are single glaze or not because not only can it affect your energy efficiency but add to sound pollution and condensation (=mould).

I think Marie Kondo has awakened our consciousness when it comes to decluttering, but also in how we relate to what we actually keep in our homes. It is a concept that Feng Shui has always had at the fore - well in my style anyway.

Marie has it down pat when she asks, ‘does it spark joy?’. Holding on to stuff and excess clutter is a sign of worry and anxiety. I actually encourage all of you to go through your clothes, furniture, artwork and personal items and ask yourself this question as you hold on to what you are questioning. If it means nothing and is taking up more space than necessary or causing more of a hassle than its need - time to say goodbye.


This leads me to my final and most interesting sense….


This is my favourite.

How do you honestly feel when you are in this home. What is the energy like? Is there a feeling of peace and grounded-ness, or unease and anxiety. When you walk through the rooms do you pick up on any subtle imagery or signs that make you question the home?

If that’s not your thing (and for many people it’s not), ask LOTS of questions to the real estate agent and the neighbours. Are the owners moving due to divorce or illness? Has there been a pattern? From a Feng Shui perspective the history of the land and its previous owners can be very telling as to how happy and abundant we can potentially be in a home.


OVERWHELMED? Don’t fret…sight, sound, touch and taste are generally something you can do all by yourself. Research is the key and there are a number of websites you can access.

Google the address and check out the home over the years - I’ve found photos and details from almost 20 years previous!

Check these websites: or

For up to date interactive maps on mobile phone towers and high voltage transmission lines: and

OR…you can include me on your journey! There are lots of packages to choose from from a series of phone calls, to mentoring through the process of finding a home over a number of months. It can included mould sampling, EMF testing and a number of other services.

Oh and that 6th sense bit…I use Feng Shui, Geomancy and Space Clearing to address the issues that are often unseen and difficult to navigate. It’s secretly my favourite part.

For more info…take a look at what may suit you here.

Happy house hunting!

Nicole Beringer