Healthy Home : What to expect...

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up to 4hrs on site consultation


Firstly, an extensive history of the building and family's needs for the consultation is taken. This can be done online or face to face. A full external and internal visual inspection of the home with the client will follow, and Nicole will focus on and identify:

  • the lay of the land

  • property location and nearby potential hazards (eg phone towers, industry)

  • structure & building materials

  • both obvious and potentially hidden hazards (eg mould, wireless tech)


Then, particular measurements will be taken of important areas, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces (or areas of concern) using specialised equipment:

  • EMF (Electromagnetic Field) meter for any wired appliances or power lines

  • RF (Radiofrequency) meter for wireless technology including WiFi, Smart Meters, mobile phone towers, Smart appliances, digital devices & mobile phones

  • Moisture Meter - to find hidden sources of mould causing moisture within walls, floors, carpets, cupboards, ceiling

  • Thermal Imaging Camera - which measures temperature differences through walls in colour images

  • ATP Meter - measures on site bacteria

  • Borescope - to accces roof, wall and floor cavities

....and many more tools!!


If necessary, further air and surface samples can be taken including:

  • ERMI (Environmental Relative Mouldiness Index)

  • Prism Indoor Air Quality Survey Kit

  • Bulk & Air Testing

  • Water Quality Testing

* these will attract an additional fee

If requested, a professional, full colour report will then be written for you. In the report you may find:

  • Measurements & findings obtained at the audit

  • Results from testing

  • How these compare to current exposure standards & latest research/literature

  • Recommendations in order of priority for your needs

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CONSULTATION: from $375 single storey home ($475 double)

ASSESSMENT: from $590 single storey home ($690 double)