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This can be a very powerful experience.

Your home will reflect so much about the people in it. You can discover more about:

  • your relationships

  • health

  • financial capabilities

  • direction & opportunities

  • past, present & future

The techniques I use include:


Your building will be assessed to locate the most auspicious energies, enhance them, and remedy parts of the house that may need attention.

This may be through the use of colourplacement of specific objects and furniture arrangement.

It is also about the flow of chi and how it affects all areas of a building and its surrounds. This is also what people may refer to as the energy of a place.

A home is a place where we regenerate ourselves, nurture one another, share meals, entertain, play, create and often work. The focus during the consult will be on balancing the space elementally and energetically.

Your house is a representation of who you are...the right Feng Shui will properly reflect this and enhance it as well.

There are some details that will be needed prior to the consultation:

  • dates of birth of everyone in the family (times too if possible)

  • the year the house was originally built

  • details of any renovations (and when)

  • an accurate floor plan of the home


Sometimes I might suggest your home might need a Space Clearing or Geomancy.


Feng Shui Consultations take place over 2 visits and include recommendations and analysis in a report.

Your investment: $650 (1 storey), $750 (2 storey) home

* please note - complicated and multi-level homes will attract a higher fee