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Why Building Biology?



My family is my most important priority, and I have spent many years on a journey of education and discovery when it comes to their health, well being and happiness.

Aside from Building Biology, I have practised as a Feng Shui consultant, a Primary and Early Childhood educator and am a mother of two growing children. Using the principles of all of these modalities I work with families' unique situations to bring about changes in their homes and day to day practices to help them thrive.

My husband and I purchased our first home, and whilst I have always loved design and exploring my creative side, I became really interested in where I should place my furniture and where my children would best sleep (they weren't the best sleepers!). We decided to employ a Feng Shui Consultant to 'do the Feng Shui' of our home. What started out as interest became a hobby and then I just had to know more...

I studied and completed a Certificate IV in Feng Shui at the Australian College of Environmental Studies, as well as Practitioner Training and Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology with the Australian Academy of Feng Shui.

As a practitioner, I felt there was a missing link. It's all well and good to place a bed in the correct and most auspicious position - but not if it is near a meter box! When Feng Shui was first used, there was no account made for man made technologies and the ways of life we are accustomed to today, like electricity, chemicals, polluted air, disinfected water, plastic and wireless technologies. Back then, they lived a way of life then, what we would call now...ORGANIC.

I was becoming more and more aware of how our the health of our homes will reflect our own health, not only from the clients I would see, but also within my own home. It was then I decided to further my understanding of how to live in a healthy home, especially for the sake of my beautiful family. Enrolling and completing an Advanced Diploma of Building Biology at the Australian College of Environmental Studies has been eye-opening and empowering.

My interests are specifically families - especially children who are sensitive.  I have extensive experience in working with children (and adults) on the autism spectrum, with sensory processing disorders, auditory processing disorders, food, chemical and environmental sensitivities, as well as many other concerns. As a former teacher and as a mother I am very aware of the impact these needs can have on the family dynamic.

However, contrary to what you may think...it's not all doom and gloom, and it's amazing how some simple changes at home can make a big difference.


Adv. Diploma in Building Biology (10194NAT) - Australian College of Environmental Studies

Adv. Mould Testing - Australian College of Environmental Studies

Cert IV Feng Shui (10189NAT) - Australian College of Environmental Studies

Feng Shui Practitioner Training - Australian Academy of Feng Shui

Adv. Four Pillars of Destiny Astrology - Australian Academy of Feng Shui

Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies (4yrs) - Edith Cowan University