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Nicole helps Melbourne families to create healthier homes as a certified Building Biologist and as a Feng Shui Practitioner.



How addressing your home’s Building Biology can possibly help:

  • Improving sleep quality

  • Reducing allergy symptoms ie hay fever, congestion

  • Improving behavioural reactions in children

  • Reducing symptoms of Chronic Inflammatory Response (CIRS)

  • Reducing other mould related illnesses such as asthma, allergies and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Reduce your exposure to heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals

  • Improve your indoor air quality

  • Creating a low toxin home or workspace

  • Identify areas of your home that could be affecting your health

  • Clearing Geopathic Stress


This is done by investigating, measuring and finding the possible cause of your exposure and then to give you recommendations.


How analysing your home’s Feng Shui can benefit you and your family:

  • Pinpointing the auspicious locations of your home and enhancing them – leading to better health, relationships and finances

  • As each home is individual in its challenges, they are best addressed by locating these areas and addressing them using a variety of ‘cures’ specific to your needs. 

  • Sometimes you just need a freshen up of the home – a bit like a Spring Clean

  • Addressing sleeping areas and best bed locations

  • Ensuring your entrance is enhanced to welcome abundant finances

  • Each year will bring about new energies that can influence all areas of the home, and these are addressed annually.